After 1st Success in New Orleans, Chris Groves’ 110% Movement Presents in San Diego at Blended Festival

After his successful initial event of the 110% Movement, Chris Groves now continues his conference at the Blended Festival in San Diego on Saturday, October 8th.

The Blended Festival is a space for wine and music, on the weekend of October 8th and 9th. It features performances from Galantis, T.I, Mariah Angeliq, Blanco Brown, Timmy Trumpet and many more! It will have 2 stages, a 100 foot wine tent, full bar, a culinary village and unique activities.

Now, with the 110% Movement, it will be a motivational experience on the big stage. Chris will be presenting on the center stage on Saturday, accompanied by a dj, amazing lighting, music, videos and of course, his great speaking abilities.  

Chris’ success running his own family business is what led and inspired him to create the 110% Movement. Shooting for the 110% is giving back to their community, so he designed this project to help others achieve their goals and dreams. Through his program, he shares his story and helps people create their own roadmap to success.

Known and experienced in the finance and business world, Chris can talk about inspirational topics, but also about technical ones. He is the CEO owner of Groves Capital, a mortgage lending company broker and banker. Serves as direct lender nationwide, provides fast approvals, offers the best rates, is an outside the box lending platform, and possesses jumbo loans. It has around 550 loan officers and billions in closed loans.

His first conference of the 110% Movement took place in New Orleans at the Saints Training Practice Field and was a complete success. 325 people assisted and enjoyed the program with Chris, learning about roadmaps and family inclusion in your plans.

Now, Chris takes the 110% Movement to a bigger public. In 2022, the Blended Festival will host 25,000 people, which will be more than 20,000 people new to the movement.

“Without a positive mind set, it’s hard to accomplish any task. If we put limits on what we can accomplish, we will limit our success. The key is to not put barriers in your own way. A lot of you are new lead operators, looking to start climbing the ladder to success. Developing and committing to action plans is going to be your key to this success.” This is some of the contents that will be shared during the Blended Festival, with a unique way to take in all the knowledge that will be shared.

Don’t miss this amazing experience! You can buy tickets to the festival in San Diego here.