Aleksejs Leal is a Multi-channel Ninja Who Manages 25 E-Commerce Stores: How Does He Do This?

There used to be a time in which the only way to buy something was to drive to a mall store somewhere in a city, pick up the item you needed, make a line, and pay for it. That sounds like a fantasy sometimes, given the emergence of e-commerce.

E-commerce or electronic commerce is the evolution of that old way of doing business. Now, businesses and people can sell their products and services online, which ends up being more accessible and practical for both the seller and the buyer. There no longer is a need to drive to a store and time can be spent otherwise.

But like everything in the digital world, e-commerce has come a long way in a very short period of time. And even though most people would like to start their own e-commerce business and see what all the buzz is about, not everyone has the know-how to do it.

Aleksejs Leal does–in fact, he is often called an e-commerce multichannel ninja. He is a businessman and entrepreneur who calls himself an e-commerce multichannel ninja. Indeed, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been able to manage 15 stores on Amazon, two on Mercado Libre, five on eBay, four on Shopify and one on Walmart.

Because the e-commerce industry has skyrocketed to an unimaginable level, there is increased competition within an over-saturated industry, and thus it is very difficult for stores to distinguish themselves.

“To address this, our stores always have a professional look and feel, with websites always properly optimized.” Aleksejs says. 

Aleksejs knows that in e-commerce, the greatest strength is in diversification. It is crucial for an entrepreneur to be able to run multiple businesses that offer convenient ways for customers to purchase varied products and services.

This is why Aleksejs himself currently runs multiple e-commerce businesses that offer convenient ways for customers to purchase the products they require. He has been able to grow his stores on Amazon, Mercado Libre, eBay, Shopify and Walmart simultaneously even though they are all on different platforms because he understands that it is important to know why a given product or service “sells,” and why it matters.

Once business owners know what they are offering or selling, and why it is a good product or service for their customers, they can start to figure out their target customer. This is key because businesses do not need all the customers, just the right customers. 

“These stores are available all day, every day, which means that customers can visit the stores at all times, regardless of their schedule.” Aleksejs adds.

On top of being available at all times, these stores are known for providing superior value to their customers at a modest price, which creates a win-win scenario while driving overall business profitability and viability.

Looking ahead, Aleksejs will continue to manage and grow his 25 e-commerce stores. He is working to build assets and continue to sell products he is passionate about. You can learn more here.