Cesar Velilla Wants to Change the Way People Think About Esthetic Surgery By Showing How Much It Can Change Someone’s Life. Find Out More Below.

Cosmetic and esthetic surgery is often frowned upon in our society. It is seen as a vain act to further good looks and change something that people do not like about themselves instead of facing the reality that we all age and change and that is ok. However, what many people fail to realize is just how important cosmetic surgery is in many people’s lives. Whether it is altering something that has been plaguing them or changing something to feel better about themselves, cosmetic surgery plays a crucial role.

Someone who has dedicated his life to helping people through their esthetic surgery is Cesar Velilla. Cesar is a doctor from Colombia who worked hard to create his practice in Miami which has become a huge success.

“I am the medical director of Evolution MD, the best esthetic clinic in Miami. As a doctor from Colombia, I knew I always wanted to practice medicine and found my niche in the esthetic world helping people change their lives,” Cesar recounts.

However, Cesar did not come here and immediately begin working. Unfortunately, life was hard for Cesar at first. He was unable to practice medicine right off the bat, but rather had to do odds and ends such as delivering pizza in order to move towards his goal of becoming a practicing doctor here.

“I was born in Medellin Colombia where I graduated as a general practitioner. I decided to travel to the United States in search of the American dream without speaking English. It took me a whole day to translate a page of the medical book with a dictionary. I had to work as a pizza delivery person, dress up at children’s parties to keep going. I managed to get accredited as a Doctor in the United States and start working as a doctor and 10 years ago I decided to start my own company Evolution MD and become the most recognized cosmetic surgeon in Miami with multiple awards and the recognition of people as @doctorlipo registered trademark and patented,” Cesar explains.

It was hard for him to break out from the stigmas that followed him from Colombia to the United States, but eventually, Cesar gained a foothold in the medical world, and the rest is history. His business has grown to new heights and become the best in his area. He does this by focusing on what differentiates him from the rest of his competition.

“I am the best because I believe in my life purpose which is to change lives; I do not compete with anyone but myself. If you believe in yourself and believe in your dreams, then anything can be possible. My goal is to change and inspire others to do the same in their lives,” Cesar states.

Cesar’s goal in the coming months is to continue to grow as a doctor, as a person, and as a business owner. He is excited to continue to change people’s lives through the procedures that he offers. To find out more about Cesar, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.