Groves Capital Has Added A Huge Asset To Its Team

Groves Capital is a residential and commercial business that is making the mortgage process easier for its clients. As a family-owned business, their clients and loan officers are their main focus. Groves Capital has a hybrid lending model, in which they partner with seasoned loan officers who share their same mindset and values. Today, they are in close partnership with over 400 loan officers. Furthermore, they work on modifying their systems almost daily, in order to provide their loan officers with solutions. 

As one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the United States, Groves Capital focuses on providing the best for their clients. In order to do so, the company changes as the market and economy change, allowing them to make long term partnerships. Hence, while they not only provide the best mortgage products and rates, they also work to maintain a team of like-minded professionals who care about their clients. 

Groves Capital has recently made its most exciting addition to its team, Yousuf Shah. Yousuf is the biggest producing Loan Officer in California, and has spent several years being a top ranked loan officer. Yousuf always strives for excellence and is excited to join a team with similar values. 

“Groves Capital truly sets the standard and the vision for the future of how mortgages get done and revolutionizing the industry is where I knew instantly I had to partner up. When I decided to grow elite teams and grow on a national level it was hard to find partners that had the same tenacity, hustle and service based mindset geared towards getting things done and getting them done fast for clients,” shares Yousuf.

As a team, they strive to maintain their unique culture that sets them apart, as they go above and beyond for each of their customers. Their objective is to continue to grow, while still maintaining their focus on providing each and every client with a 5 star service. 

“A company is made within the company and partnerships within it. I truly believe that this partnership and coinciding will truly embark on changing the industry as a whole as you have modern young leaders with new ideas and a passion geared towards empowering American homeownership,” states Yousuf. 

Groves Capital is the first mortgage company in history mixed with young modern generation talent, drive, and passion. As such, they are dedicated to changing how mortgages not only get done, but also developing products that are tailored towards future generations truly revolutionizing the mortgage industry. This partnership will undoubtedly be transformative for the mortgage industry. 

Learn more about Groves Capital and their new projects through their website. They are available on Instagram here