I Love My Testimony – A Safe Space Where People Come Together To Empower Each Other Through Their Stories, Tera Carissa Hodges Shares

Tera Carissa Hodges is an internationally known faith empowerment speaker, specifically known for the faith principles she teaches. Through her faith based media company, Tera aims to help faith based professionals who are feeling stuck. There are so many business professionals who share this feeling and are not where they would like to be and don’t know how to evolve to get them there. 

“All of my clients have dreams. But, dreams have to become ideas, then actionable steps you take for them to become a reality,” says Tera. 

It is exactly this that motivated Tera to start her empowerment business. To this day, she has empowered over 100,000 people. Tera sees the need for people to be empowered beyond a conference event, which is why she has expanded her business to many different platforms. 

“Mindset is crucial. You need to have a determination to persevere. Like life, you will have critics, obstacles, people attempting to take credit for your success and more. The key is to stay focused and committed to your purpose and press on,” states Tera. 

One of the platforms she offers is a unique website, I Love My Testimony, that allows people to share their stories in a safe space, in order to help and motivate others. From celebrities to influencers to everyday people, they come together to tell their stories and empower others. You can find encouraging stories throughout the blog and even have your own spotlight. 

Share your story or check out the website here. You can also find Tera Carissa Hodges on Instagram here