Trump sues January 6 commission to block subpoena seeking his testimony and production of documents

Former President Donald Trump has sued the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection as a way to challenge his subpoena and his testimony, according to documents filed in Florida federal court. .

A spokesman for the Jan. 6 commission declined to comment.

Trump’s attorney, David Warrington, said in a statement that “long-standing precedent and practice hold that the separation of powers prohibits Congress from compelling a president to testify before him.”

“After the J6 Commission undertook the unprecedented act of requiring President Trump to appear for deposition on Monday, November 14, he engaged with the Commission in a good faith effort to resolve these concerns in accordance with the prerogatives of the Branch. Executive and the separation of powers, but this partisan commission insists on following a political path, leaving President Trump with no choice but to involve the third branch, the judicial branch, in this dispute between the executive and legislative branches,” Warrington continued.