A Launch Into the Future Was Just What the Mortgage Industry Needed and Joseph Shalaby Was Just the Guy for the Job. Find Out More Below.

Mortgage is a complex topic that many people rely on based only on old fashion methods. While the rest of the world has catapulted into the future, finding the right mortgage and employing the right tools for your home financing has generally been overlooked. However, there are people out there looking to change the home financing process for the better. 

One of these industry leading mortgage professionals is Joseph Shalaby. Joseph is the founding Broker and CEO of E Mortgage Capital Inc., a full-service mortgage company that offers extensive options for residential mortgages, with offices all over the country, approval in 25 states, and over 500 licensed loan officers.

Mortgage innovations are what allow his clients to select the absolute best loan products customized for their situations. Joseph Shalaby actively seeks to offer market-leading rates on mortgages, with the ability to lock loans online and lock in interest rates at a guaranteed rate for up to 180 days.

“I always wanted to find a way to serve people and what my purpose in life would be through my vocation. Initially, I wanted to practice medicine but after establishing that I wasn’t fit for the blood and gore I quickly realized that serving mankind by helping folks finance the dream of homeownership would be my calling,” Joseph explains.

Despite Joseph’s best efforts and innovative ideas, his road has not been without obstacles. He has faced rejection and failure a number of times in his path to success. Not only that, but the pandemic was a major hurdle for him and his team as so many things in life and in the market began to shift. 

“Perpetual rejection and failure have always been a part of the journey. We have faced multiple hurdles with disbelief, compliance, capacity, and finding the right talent. When the Pandemic hit we thought we wouldn’t be able to get out of the mess we were in because banks froze their Wearhouse lines leaving me stuck with $ 50 million on my warehouse lines, without the ability to be purchased jeopardizing my entire livelihood,” Joseph recalls.

However, Joseph was no quitter and never let these moments slow him down or make him regret choosing the path in life that he did. In these difficult times, he always stuck to his want and need to help others. In addition, he honed his mindset to be able to conquer whatever it was that stood in his way.

“Having a growth and grit-driven mindset is imperative when trying to achieve success as an entrepreneur. Going above and beyond and outworking the competition is what it takes to win, and as an entrepreneur, you have to put in the extra work to be successful,” Joseph states.

Joseph is not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he is looking forward to his upcoming projects, which he shares below:

“We intend to aggressively expand our footprint in more states this year, and grow to over 1000 producing loan officers. We will be adding tons of additional resources, technology, coaching, support, education, and cultivating minds.”

To find out more about Joseph, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.