Entrepreneur Matthew Footner Reveals the Secret to Earning Six Figures a Month Working Only Two Hours a Day

Matthew Footner is an experienced freelancer and entrepreneur who has found the secret to achieving a perfect work-life balance. By working only two hours a day, he has generated a passive income of up to 6 figures a month. 

Matthew’s success led him to develop two revolutionary products: a passive income solution and an app for ambitious marketers and entrepreneurs looking to reach million-dollar figures.

I have found the secret of my life. I discovered that I can work 2 hours a day and earn 6 figures a month,” says Matthew.

Matthew’s first creation, FX AI Income Solution, was born out of his experience as a financial advisor in international markets. During his career in places like Brussels, Abu Dhabi, and Tokyo, Matthew realized that what clients really wanted was transparency in the financial sector. 

In an environment where financial institutions operate with opacity and charge high fees, Matthew decided to offer an alternative. His solution is based on transparency of fees and the client’s portfolio, as well as unrestricted access to their money. In addition, his innovative approach allows for decent investment returns with a smaller amount of capital. 

The impression is that clients should be grateful to these institutions. I analyzed the model and focused on how best to give clients what they want: transparency, unrestricted access, and a good return,” comments Matthew.

With FX AI Income Solution, Matthew was able to create a business model for people looking for a lifestyle based on passive income. Whether they are traveling, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying a vacation, his clients can maintain a steady stream of income without the need to actively work. 

This reduces financial stress and gives them peace of mind that rents, mortgages, and other expenses will continue to be covered. Even in times of high inflation and high living costs” shares Matthew.

Clients who use Matthew’s solution experience less stress than those who rely on government assistance. The exceptional quality of customer service has been critical to his success, with 100% of his current customers coming from referrals.

Matthew’s second creation, the Maximumsales.eu app, is aimed at ambitious salespeople and entrepreneurs who aspire to reach million-dollar sales figures. Based on his previous experience as a salesperson in the financial advisor market, Matthew found that the 1% who managed to stand out from the rest had a distinct mindset. 

These individuals focused on regularly setting and re-evaluating their goals, honing their sales skills, and staying constantly motivated by reading personal development books. Inspired by this winning mindset, Matthew decided to extract the essence of over a thousand relevant books and create an app that would help train and nurture salespeople’s subconscious and conscious minds. The app offers more than 50 audiobooks and interactive activities designed to improve mindset, motivation, and sales skills.

We train our bodies to look good and perform at their best, why wouldn’t we train our brains to do the same?” asks Matthew.

The Maximumsales.eu app uses neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques, positive affirmations, visualizations, and autosuggestion exercises to reprogram salespeople’s minds and boost their performance. It also provides progress tracking and detailed statistics so users can assess their growth and adjust their approach as needed.

The combination of the FX AI Passive Income Solution and the Maximumsales.eu app has positioned Matthew as a visionary entrepreneur in the world of passive income and successful sales. His unique approach and dedication to meeting the needs of his clients have earned him recognition and success in the business world.

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