Achieve the Credit Results You Desire With Daijonia Dashawn

Achieving a better credit score can mean qualifying for a mortgage, car loans, and overall better terms on a credit card. With that in mind, anyone can improve their credit score with the right guidance and discipline in order to have the ability to live life on one’s own terms, take breaks when needed, while building wealth for the following generations. 

Meet Daijonia Dashawn (Also known as Daija), owner of Luxury Consulting & Solutions Inc (Formally known as Luxury Credit Co) where she and her team assist thousands of clients succeed in meeting their financial goals and more. Under Luxury Consulting & Solutions Inc. Daija manages and oversees all operations while making sure they are meeting their overall goal of improving their client’s credit score through consulting and other financial engineering services. The difference between Luxury Consulting & Solutions Inc. and other competitors is that it belongs to the realm of “credit repair” where they provide those in dire need of resources through financial coaching, plans, and assistance that is not offered in the industry. 

As for Daija personally, she continued to grow and expand her career within the credit repair space for the past 10 years based on her own unfortunate financial struggles that millions of Americans face as well. Looking back, the first time she repaired her own credit was after overpassing $100,000 in credit cards and loans. Nevertheless, after graduating high school she learned different methods to build back credit online and trial and error. As a result of her personal experiences, she figured out how to build credit and was able to purchase the cars of her dreams and much more. By the age of 23 she increased her credit score exponentially, and finally purchased more luxurious things that she deserved.

After realizing she had a gift, she leveraged her 10 years of experience and her own experience to fully understand her clients’ issues and go above and beyond by providing the best one-on-one guidance they deserve in order to meet their financial goals. As she invested into the industry professionally, her learning experience, education and her gift assisted her in providing a professional service to her clients that face similar financial challenges. 

 “I am a witness that you do not have to be a millionaire or super successful to have nice cars and the things you desire to live a luxury life, it only takes good credit and a little financial engineering which is a service that my company provides.” 

Daijonia is the literal embodiment of self made. With her positive mindset, regardless of the unfortunate financial challenges Daija faced over the past few years, she was able to garner over $12,000 just on mentorships, courses, training from her clients to learn the ins and outs of credit repair. This is thanks toLuxury Consulting & Solutions Inc utmost transparency throughout the entire process of credit repair, on top of the constant communication with their clients.

Now Daija is working on larger and more diverse projects that will shock the industry. Daija is currently amplifying her Luxury Consulting & Solutions inc and is preparing to launch her own university (Luxury Credit University) in the coming months in order to inspire, assist and influence other credit repair business owners.

Check out Daijona’s website at and follow her on Instagram @luxury_creditco and @coach_daja