Damarqio Williams Is A Philanthropic Entrepreneur Who Is Helping Children In Detroit Without Fathers Achieve Their Full Potential

Damarqio Williams, better known as DK, is redefining the stigma that surrounds people without fathers. Growing up without a father, led him to experience firsthand what that feeling was like. To the outside world, he had two options on the path ahead of him. He chose neither of them.

“Growing up, I did not have a relationship with my biological father. This reality initially made me feel like I would fall victim to the adverse depiction that society has drawn up for those without fathers; jail or death. But that was far from what actually happened. I successfully graduated high school, became the first in my family to earn a college degree at just eighteen years old, and is now an iconic leader in driving positive change,” DK explains.

Using his experience and talent as a backdrop to his business, DK created a special kind of work dedicated to helping others in his situation in the city of Detroit. 

“I founded and started Detroit Father LLC, an influencer marketing company based in Detroit, Michigan in 2019. Our mission is to showcase more diverse representation and redefine urban fatherhood. Our vision seeks to honor the past aspirations and build a strong, well-developed future through fatherhood equity. What makes me unique is the ability to use the pain that life has given me to create a greater purpose for my life,” DK states.

DK is incredibly different from others not only because of his lived experience but because of his ability to stay on top of research and trends in order to evolve his business further.

“I am always supporting and researching my competition to see ways that I evolve my business. In this industry, you are part of the same communities of creators on social media, so it is important to stay up on trends. My greatest weapon for Detroit Father has been creating a corresponding business that pulled together dad influencers from around the world. Highly motivated and philanthropic, I am a leading influencer, entrepreneur, and advocate for equality and inclusion. I leverage my passion by promoting strategic brand diversity and equity consultations, collaborating with respected brands, and advocating for equitable fatherhood policies to cultivate a more compassionate community for everyone,” DK says.

This does not mean that DK’s career was without obstacles, however. He confronted numerous objects in his path that were difficult for his career. The biggest challenge, however, was learning to say no and conquering the obstacle within himself.

“I would say the biggest obstacle that I’ve overcome is learning to SAY NO. If I’m honest, saying yes has been one of my weak points in life. Seeking to please people and always make things easy to other people even when it hurts me. So this year I committed to saying NO more and it has been the greatest blessing to receive,” DK details.

With so much to do and look forward to, DK has no plans of slowing down. He cannot say too much on what he has planned, but it is exciting stuff that will continue to help communities and people around him.

“I have several major projects coming up this year; but due to contractual obligations, I cannot disclose the details. But I have signed my first major ambassadorship contract and am working on a magazine feature. Learning to live in the now and appreciate every opportunity that comes with each moment,” DK comments.

To find out more about DK, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.