Diaspora Law, a National Immigration Law Firm, Has a Team Dedicated to Helping Families. Find Out More Below

Immigration continues to be a topic of high importance considering the attempts made by congressmen to secure protection for millions of undocumented americans. With so much happening both in the United States and around the world pertaining to immigration, there are always plenty of doubts, and questions on how to navigate the system. This is where the attorneys team at Diaspora Law come in to help.

“I see immigration as a human rights-oriented practice, and hence sought to assist organizations like the Jesuit Refugee Service, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America. As an Attorney, I have been able to explain complicated options in understandable terms to my clients, and currently provide consulting services worldwide ensuring the right information is delivered to those in need of it. ” Oscar J Barbosa explains.

However, Oscar is not alone in the fight for immigrants here in the United States. He has an incredible team that helps the office with cases and clients on a daily basis. What the work that Diaspora Law does that separates their team out from the rest is that they treat cases just like their own.

“We are committed from start to finish for all aspects of their case and our #1 goal is to provide quality results. We want their dreams to come true just as much as they do. We treat cases just like our own,” Staff members from Diaspora Law say.

For the support staff and attorneys, Diaspora Law was founded on a simple principle of trying to help immigrant families through the twists and turns of the legal process. Oscar’s own experience influenced this philosophy which he has passed down in his practice and to his staff.

“Immigrants navigate against the current in an unwelcoming immigration system. I enjoy assisting families in obtaining successful results or at least in understanding the system and requirements,” Oscar states.

His co-workers say that their facility and their team make the process entirely worth it even with the hard work and difficult trials that come with immigration cases.

“Our attorneys are incredibly talented and committed to their work. Through communication and collaboration, all issues or challenges can be resolved quickly with thoughtful questions and team work,” Another staff member said.

The attorneys hope to continue to grow the law firm and aid more and more people. The personal level connection that they feel day in and day out keeps him going even when situations are tough. His advice for those who wish to open a similar practice is to always be focused and persistent even when the challenge seems overwhelming.

Be persistent and dedicated, it is crucial when it comes to immigration law. My positive interactions with lawyers when I was young was helpful to forge a career path with the desire to help others. I’m certain that my clients have a different feel about our law firm, than the competition.” Oscar says.

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