From Personal Branding Coach To Business Leader: Yaima Osorio’s Story and Her Mission of Empowerment

Yaima Osorio is the founder of Global Business Group Companies and co-creator of the business leadership network Level Up. Honored in 2022 at the 100 Successful Women in Business Convention held in London.

Yaima is a Latina entrepreneur who has developed herself as a personal branding coach, content creation specialist, and business owner. Throughout her career, Yaima has worked in different ventures including YaimaTop Academy, which has helped over 4,000 entrepreneurs have the confidence to gain exposure on social media and become memorable brands. 

Yaima’s story is inspiring, and her passion for empowering entrepreneurs through personal branding is evident. She strongly believes that people’s strengths, gifts, and skills should be shared with others who will learn and grow from them. 

Yaima’s primary mission is to help the Latino entrepreneurial community scale their businesses by creating a positive influence with their personal brands. She believes that everyone has a story to share and that their strengths, gifts, and skills should be shared with others.

“My main mission is to help the Latino entrepreneurial community to scale their businesses by creating a positive influence with their personal brands. I want us to plant a seed that will impact generations to come because we all have a very important story to share,” says Yaima.

Yaima’s motto is “Todo Obstáculo Promete”, which translates in English to “Every Obstacle Promises”, that phrase is also the slogan of her personal brand. That is where the acronym TOP derives from the name of her company.

I don’t think there is a secret formula for success or for growing your business. It’s all down to your determination.” Yaima comments.

During the process of growing her company, Yaima realized the need to create strong leaders who will be the influencers of the future in large communities.  That’s why Yaima dedicated herself to specializing within her company as a personal branding coach with the goal of guiding and educating more people so they can create a high-impact personal brand through social networks.

I develop intensive courses and personalized mentoring to guide entrepreneurs to create and develop their personal brands on social networks, turning them into excellent content creators to leave a memorable stamp while growing a large community of fans of their products and services,” Yaima explains.

YaimaTop Academy is unique because it focuses on personal branding and content creation. Many entrepreneurs struggle to create a memorable brand that resonates with their target audience. 

We all know the power of social media, today more than ever more leaders are needed to empower, change lives and impact future generations and what better way to use technology and the world of social media to our advantage.” Yaima comments.

Yaima’s Academy offers intensive courses and one-on-one mentoring to guide entrepreneurs in creating and developing their personal brands on social media. Her goal is to turn them into excellent content creators so that they leave a memorable stamp as they grow a large community of fans of their products and services.

If you have the right knowledge. You can fall a thousand times and a thousand times you can get up,” Yaima adds.

Yaima’s Top Empowerment Marketing Agency offers digital marketing services that are tailored to each client’s unique needs. They focus on branding, social media management, email marketing, and website design. 

Top Empowerment Marketing Agency works with companies of all sizes and industries. They have helped clients in the beauty, health, and finance sectors, to name a few. Their team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and delivering results that exceed expectations.

One of the most recent projects executed by Yaima and her team involves the Level Up entrepreneur membership, with which entrepreneurs can work in a professional environment, rent virtual offices, connect with other successful entrepreneurs, and make the most of every workday. 

Yaima’s work stands out because together with her team they focus on the consumer in all her companies and businesses. 

Everything we do is about providing transformation to our consumer. We educate, we guide, and we deliver. Using the latest technologies and sources, even AI, all our academy students never have to keep paying to know what’s trending on social media, what’s working, and what’s new,” comments Yaima.

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