Erika Garcia and Her Team are Teaching People How Vacations Can Help Productivity. Find Out More Below.

Many of us are dying for a vacation. However, many jobs do not actively promote and encourage taking vacation for their employees. That can leave people feeling guilty on their time off and not willing to take it. With working from home, the lines have blurred even further between work life and home life. For many people, this feels like a staycation, but in reality, that time is still work time!

Erika Garcia and her business, Cancun Cards, is trying to help people get that much needed relaxation and mental health break that we all deserve. However, Erika’s group offers much more than just a break; they also offer happiness with their change of pace and exciting adventures in Mexico that can also coordinate with your business to help make these vacations happen.

“We discovered in the last 18 years of serving more than 300,000 families coming to our beautiful country Mexico. We discovered that we’re not offering a holiday, we’re selling happiness. The joy and meaning that each family, couple and person that came from any other brands historically had a unique story. Everyone was trying to get back some kind of connection with themselves, their families, and nature at the same time that they were meeting the need of exploring a new country, yet being very close. We have discovered that the reason behind people taking holidays is the feeling of not being good enough, that life is not necessarily always outside themselves. Life happens in moments and those moments have to be created in a memorable way,” Erika explains.

Erika has worked with numerous companies over the years to elicit productivity through her trips. Especially now, when people need it most to regain their mental health and productivity at work, Erika is offering a special five day, four night stay for those looking to get away from the grind and heal mentally in order to come back better than ever.

“We are a company with purpose. For the last 18 years we have helped multiple organizations in courting holidays to currency so they can help themselves and help others. We’ve helped institutional and credible foundations that are amazing and those foundations are helping people and educating people. We have had purpose throughout the last 11 years in a very concurrent and defiant way, that is our difference,” Erika states.

Erika and her team work with both people and businesses to change their mindset. To her, that is crucial when thinking about vacation and productivity. Most people assume, incorrectly, that vacations mean a lack of productivity, but it is actually the opposite! That time off is crucial to the success of the individual employee and therefore the larger group.

“Mindset is everything. You change your thoughts, you change your mindset, you change your mindset, you change your energy, you change your future and you change your life. Mindset is crucial, the set of beliefs systems whether they are limited beliefs or unlimited beliefs, determines the way that we act. If we want a new behavior, or a new outcome we have to create it from a new personality not from a personality of a familiar path. You have to tell yourself a new story, that new story is a story that you learn and unlearn, you wire and fire not only your brain individually but collectively,” Erika says.

Erika and her team are offering an exclusive deal for readers: all vacation flights are included when you book through Erika’s website here. This means that you can take advantage of this trip of a lifetime for a significantly lower cost with flight costs factored out of the occasion. To find out more about how you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity, change your life, and get reconnected with yourself after a year of hard emotional turmoil and stress, check out her website here.