High Status Consulting, LLC is Changing the Way that Businesses Owned by Women of Color Interact with the Business World.

As is the case with many factors in life, creating a business is particularly difficult for people of color and especially for women of color. Barriers and obstacles in general are much tougher and higher for them to overcome. Unfortunately, because of this, many businesses owned by women of color either don’t get off the ground or do not have ample resources to keep going. 

High Status Consulting aims to change this. Though their general goal is to support businesses broadly, they have a particular focus on black female owned businesses. In the view of Health Status Consulting, it is very important to educate and assist individuals about finance, investments, etc. They help them to prepare their mindset so that they are able to receive information needed to make a difference in their businesses and families because building generational wealth is typically not an option in these communities.

The team at High Status Consulting differentiate themselves from others in the consulting world by being multifaceted in different niches. They have proven systems that they use when working with clients that will help them obtain 6-7 figures in any niche to obtain the life of their dreams and support them throughout their business process.

In addition, these solutions are not generic. They are specific to each and every client that appeals to their needs and desires when creating their business. High Status Consulting, LLC provides unique and innovative solutions and tailored services to small business owners in order to improve their efficiency, meet their bottom line, and to achieve sustainability.

Finally, these solutions are just short term fixes to long term problems. High Status Consulting, LLC focuses on building long-term strategies that work. They optimize a business’ daily operations with innovative solutions. No matter where in the process your business is, they can help you take it to the next level.

High Status Consulting, LLC is run by Sheka Johnson. Sheka has always known that she has a special ability to help. Her ability has been to manifest things that she wants in life. She wanted to spread that ability and power to others who are looking to have a similar experience and better life.

“My ability to manifest whatever is what makes me unique. My ability to connect with individuals and motivate them, help them to understand their self worth. I have the ability to help individuals start, maintain a successful 6-7 figure business through a proven system. I am a natural born leader and entrepreneur. I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 19. I have launched and scaled multiple successful businesses and have investments in some as well,” Sheka states.

High Status Consulting, LLC has many big plans for the future. With a particular focus on women entrepreneurs, the remainder of 2022 is emphasizing female entrepreneur mentorship for female entrepreneurs. In particular, they are launching a lounge where entrepreneurs can come to network, learn and unwind with like minded individuals. 

To keep up with all that High Status Consulting, LLC is doing, check out their website here.