How These eCommerce Experts Are Helping Entrepreneurs Successfully Build Dropshipping Businesses.

Read how these three entrepreneurs with vastly different backgrounds came together to build a successful eCommerce mentorship agency with the mission of helping 1000+ aspiring entrepreneurs start and scale their Dropshipping businesses.

Serial entrepreneur, Jaiden Vu, has built several businesses from the ground up in his early 20’s. After having gained experiences in many industries, he decided to branch out to eCommerce because of the ability to automate and scale. He has built multiple eCommerce stores and is now one of the co-founders of Launchers Academy, a Dropshipping Mentorship Agency helping aspiring entrepreneurs get started in eCommerce by leveraging the dropshipping business model. 

“People ask why I started a mentorship agency, when my business is doing so well. The best quote I can use to sum it up is one of my favourite quotes, by Zig Ziglar- “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” and it’s honestly what I live by and that’s my mission behind starting this journey.”

Partnered up with Jaiden, are Christy Liu and Melissa Ng in which their goal is to help numerous new eCommerce entrepreneurs make a passive income through their Dropshipping Mentorship Agency, Launchers Academy. 

Christy’s background is in design and marketing, specializing in strategic web, user experience, and brand design. Christy previously worked at a corporation and at several technology start-ups. She also co-founded a Strategic Design Agency before venturing off into eCommerce. With her diverse specialties, she is passionate about teaching people how to build user-friendly, effective eCommerce experiences, and highly converting stores on Shopify.

“Prior to starting dropshipping, I had helped several eCommerce clients redesign their websites and brands. With the eCommerce industry booming, I saw big opportunities and have always wanted to build my own scaleable eCommerce brand. Dropshipping provided the opportunity to test different products in the market first. Through dropshipping, my team and I made big accomplishments right from the start and grew our brand further. Now, I want to mentor other aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs in building successful Dropshipping businesses,” Christy comments.

Melissa is the finance and numbers expert of the trio. She is a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA), and has worked as a corporate development manager at a multinational publicly traded company supporting a wide range of strategic initiatives of $100M+ in enterprise value. She was seeing much success in her professional career, however her multi-passionate nature and curiosity for all things business gave her the drive to venture into entrepreneurship, and start multiple businesses. 

She had always wanted to build something greater than herself and be able to help others along the way. So when she started seeing successful results from her eCommerce businesses, she wanted to help others achieve success in their businesses as well.

“After helping over 100+ entrepreneurs with starting and launching their service-based businesses through my Strategic Design Agency, I decided to go into eCommerce because I wanted to build a more passive income stream. eCommerce provided the opportunity to  get into a growing and high demand industry, and allowed for easier global expansion and scalability. I decided to leverage the Dropshipping business model due to the low upfront capital investment, being able to spend less energy given the fulfillment process is done by the supplier, and the ability to focus mainly on marketing to sell the product,” Melissa details.

The trio with very different, but compatible skillsets came together to start their eCommerce businesses. However, soon after they jumped into the eCommerce world, Jaiden, Melissa and Christy realized there was a significant gap for genuine and real advice that actually works. 

“When we first started Dropshipping, there was a lot of free advice out there that just does not work. That’s why Dropshipping has a stigma around it with entrepreneurs flashing their material possessions and results without properly showing the methods and strategies that got them there. When we tried some of the methods, we realized it simply did not work. We have lost thousands of dollars of our own money testing methods and systems that provided minimal results, but the upside of that is that we worked even harder to find what does work”, the team comments. 

After starting and scaling multiple eCommerce stores themselves, the team is now on a mission to break down the stigma around Dropshipping and help over 1000+ online entrepreneurs in 2021 get started in Dropshipping by finding winning products, creating highly converting Shopify stores, and running profitable Facebook ads. 

Launchers Academy is one of the most intimate eCommerce mentorship agencies in the industry for new eCommerce entrepreneurs. They have a 24/7 white glove service, providing individualized support and answering all their students’ questions in a matter of minutes. The exclusive program helps new eCommerce entrepreneurs start and scale their online business, and has limited spots. The team focuses on maintaining a small cohort for the program to ensure all students are able to get the individualized attention and support needed to succeed in their Dropshipping journey. 

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