Ken Wentworth, Better Known as Mr. Biz®, Has an Award-Winning Radio Show, Mr. Biz Radio

Ken Wentworth, better known as Mr. Biz®, is an accomplished entrepreneur in many different types of business. From helping others with their own companies, to setting multiple World Records, to writing multiple bestselling books, Mr. Biz® is a modern day Renaissance Man. 

However, this was not enough for him! About six years ago, Mr. Biz® decided to take his skills to the next level and began Mr. Biz Radio. Following the show’s tagline – Biz Talk for Biz Owners – Mr. Biz® is teaching business owners everything they need to know to make it as an entrepreneur.

“We have done three hundred-plus shows at this point. We are on more than 20 podcast related platforms, on several different radio networks, seven days a week for more than 30 hours a week, and now, we are also making our show available on our Youtube channel and finally also on our recently-launched streaming channel, Mr. Biz Network”, Mr. Biz® explains.

However, radio, television, and Youtube videos, as previously mentioned, were not how Mr. Biz® started his career, nor how he intended it to go. Mr. Biz® was asked to be a guest on a few radio shows, but at the time he thought it was not his thing. After the persistence of the General Manager of the radio station, he begrudgingly agreed, but not realizing it would be the start of something amazing for him.

“It went really well, so the General Manager mentioned they needed someone to host a business show. To make a long story, short – they finally wore me down and I agreed to do just 8 shows. Those went well and after ~4-5 shows in, I was absolutely hooked and the rest is history!”, Mr. Biz® recounts.

What separates Mr. Biz Radio from other business shows is that he is not just talking about how to grow your business, manage people, and challenges – though he does have shows on those topics– Mr. Biz® takes his podcasts to a different level. He also instructs his listeners on how to deal with stress management, mental health and wellness, and many more facets of entrepreneurial life that often get overlooked. But even moreso, as much as he wants the information to be useful, he also wants Mr. Biz Radio to be entertaining for his listeners & viewers.

“I want to provide a show that is multi-faceted. In other words, entertaining, providing a platform for fans, but also a way to gain knowledge on topics that they would have never been exposed to or thought of before. We have people on so you can learn from their mistakes, but we also have people on who talk about health and wellness in addition to our business topics. I hope our listeners and viewers gain a lot from listening or viewing our content”, Mr. Biz® says.

Mr. Biz® is hoping to do even more with Mr. Biz Radio. In addition to having each show broadcast across 20+ podcast platforms, then >25 hours each week on multiple internet radio stations, then also on his streaming channel (Mr. Biz Network), then on his YouTube channel and finally on other platforms, Mr. Biz® wants to get his voice and advice out even further.

“The overall goal is to get this content out there and continue to evolve Mr. Biz Radio to have even better guests, for me to become an even better host, and to make sure that there is enough content out there for our listeners to enjoy. I want this radio show to be ubiquitous and for people to listen to it everywhere. I want to make it as easy as possible to consume Mr. Biz Radio. We are going to continue to expand on all of these fronts so we can get more and more people to take advantage of our content,” Ken details.

To start your journey into the Mr. Biz Radio world, check out their instagram here and their website here.