Kids Revolution Worldwide- Making Worldwide Connections and Delivering Brain Boosting Results for Children all Over.

Terha Watterson, a multifaceted entrepreneur, from author to TV host to philanthropist, and now creator of the Kids Revolution Worldwide. Terha has made it her mission to assist youth improve their physical and mental health. Physical and mental health are much more intertwined than many people realize, and now more than ever- it’s important for kids to have resources that will keep them active and healthy.

Terha realized this was an issue that needed to be addressed. This new generation of youth is missing now more than ever the activities mentally, physically and socially that lead to proper brain development and is imperative for children to increase their physical well-being in order to prevent behavioral and social disorders. 

Currently, parents are looking for solutions and answers that don’t have to depend on medication. This is where the Kids Revolution Worldwide takes the stage. Terha brings psychology concepts, personal development, Brain Boosting and physical exercises and positive social interactions all in one program, in order to empower kids to be inspired to exercise and grow their social skills all while interacting with other peers. Not just learning but truly getting the experience and interaction with hers to change either future. 

For the first time in history, this revolution is a program by kids for kids that can be done anytime anywhere without the parents having to drive them anywhere. It’s a powerful, one of a kind challenge that includes mindset, identity building, Superhero activators, exercise and empowering social connections.

Due to advances in technology and the unique combination of the program with digital products and live virtual calls, Terha and her team strive to launch the Kids Revolution as the most inclusive, multi-cultural and transformative Kids Organization the world has ever seen. In other words, a program that has no parallel. These interactions promote equality and uniqueness with children around the globe, by having diverse coaches and students in multiple countries.  

Thanks to Terha, she continues to assure that kids can benefit from what she learned and help parents avoid the expensive fees that come with it. With The Kids Revolution Worldwide Online, Terha Watterson is finally materializing her dream in empowering youth by developing their identity, and boosting their mood and intelligence.

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