Meet Alejandro Perez: The Venezuelan E-Commerce Expert Who Manages A Variety Of Companies

With the advent of the internet a few years ago the world underwent a change for the better. Most things were no longer as before because the internet brought with it many ways of doing things–it was a space that could provide education, entertainment, and culture, and eventually also redefined the world of jobs.

Before the internet, the only way to sell a product was through a physical store. Now there are other ways to sell products, such as online through e-commerce or electronic commerce, where the seller displays their merchandise through a website and the buyer from anywhere in the world using either a computer, tablet or their cell phone can purchase the product or service.

Alejandro Perez is a Venezuelan based in Miami since 2015 who is an expert on e-commerce. He moved to the United States looking for better quality of life, and brought with him his original profession as a producer in charge of video editing for film and television.

When he joined a company dedicated to e-commerce in 2017, his love for e-commerce was born. He realized the importance and growth of social media, and understood that it had the potential to provide a space to sell both physical and digital products.

We had a web platform that generated content with influencers to bring traffic and we induced the sale of products or merchandise personalized by each influencer. Within our team, we had the number one Hispanic YouTuber German Garmendia. But when we were about to leave with the whole project, for different reasons, the whole project was canceled. From then on I knew that I had to enter the world of e-commerce on my own and I started my own journey in Amazon.” Alejandro shares.

Electronic commerce or e-commerce has been and still is, with some variations, a source of work and wealth for many people. With the boom of social networks such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, among others, many people have been exploiting the possibilities offered by these social networks to promote and sell products or services.

Alejandro currently manages a variety of e-commerce companies mostly with Amazon Seller accounts and Walmart Seller accounts, as well as product distribution companies and fulfillment centers. Additionally, he also provides consulting services for brands and individuals who wish to enter the wonderful world of e-commerce.

But like everyone, Alejandro also faced challenges on the path to success. Some of the biggest were building his own credibility and also earning the trust of the people he loved so they could support him.

“There are many sacrifices one makes in order to dedicate time to the business. This means you may lose friendships or deteriorate family relationships.” Alejandro adds. “Besides this, the biggest obstacle in this business will always be the changes in platforms and trends and how fast we can adapt to them.”

Having branched out in his businesses, Alejandro has experience achieving success in many ways. For some, success may be having fame, lots of money, lots of material goods, or being recognized. For Alejandro, success is:

Being able today to be next to or at the same table doing business with people I once saw as unreachable. And that those same people call me for advice or to evaluate what I have done in my structure. That they invite me to their podcasts, that they invite me to their groups to give classes.”

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