Paco Benitez: Best Public Speaking Trainer in Latin America

Paco Benítez is an international speaker and Latin American Public Speaking trainer with a trajectory in Apple and the World Economic Forum (WEF). With his words, Paco communicates, connects, and persuades. And as a Public Speaking Master Trainer, he helps you and high executives to do the same.

After 3 years studying the greatest public speakers in the world, Paco created his own Public Speaking methodology and shared it with entrepreneurs, sellers, businessmen and women, executives, CEOs and others. He acquired his Master Trainer certification by the International Coaching & Speaker Federation. 

“Today we don’t sell products or services, we sell ideas; and these are extremely powerful. Public Speaking is the most powerful persuasion tool we have, but our ability to communicate is based on how we do it. How many opportunities have we lost for not having the courage/ability to communicate what we want to say?” expresses Paco.

Paco’s success is a result of his speaking skills and hard work, but he didn’t start with such competencies. As a child, Paco was very shy and had a hard time building relationships and communicating with others. But everything changed when his parents moved him to a different school. There, he began his journey of communication, because it was mandatory to have monthly expositions and theater presentations. With this, he eventually lost the fear and gained self confidence.

In college, he realized how powerful was the ability to communicate and speak in public. The better he did in this matter, the more opportunities he had. College was just the beginning, because this also worked in professional life. 

In his TEDx talks, he shares how in the same conditions, the one who communicates the best is the one who wins.

“The world has changed and our way of communication has to change as well. We live in a hyper connected world where attention is limited and trust is not given freely. I realized that if I spoke through oratory (what has been done for the last 2,000 years) I would be talking to a world that no longer exists. It is an antiquated and obsolete style that does not work. People get bored, disconnect, don’t trust, get angry at and don’t listen to orators. Nevertheless, it does listen, follow and allow to be influenced by people that speak naturally, with less protocol and more humane,” expresses Paco.

He realized that he communicates this way: naturally and inviting people to listen to him. This is why, after studying and researching communication strategies and recognized public speakers, he created his own Public Speaking technique to be shared to others.

In the short term, this technique will be a professional certification. Since Public Speaking is a skill learned by doing, the best way to teach and certificate is by providing a unique experience, where speakers are taken to the limits of their comfort zones to boosting the most important soft skill in the world. 

To people who want to start their own business, Paco’s piece of advice is “it doesn’t matter how good you are if people don’t know it”. And he can help you communicate how good you are. He trains to speak in the corporate world, using the knowledge and growth in his years at Apple and the WEF and from his experience running his own enterprise.

Paco teaches from a practical perspective. “I am a Public Speaking Trainer not because I know the theory, but because I learned to communicate with the best teacher: The stage, years of practice and the professional environment.”  You can join his speakers’ community and learn more here.