Sheka Johnson’s High Status Consulting Firm Provides Mentoring & Coaching Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

“As it gets harder and harder for small businesses, and entrepreneurs, to be as sound as they can be and run as efficiently as possible. Efficiency provides sustainability which will ultimately lead to you accomplishing your goals and dreams”, states Sheka Johson the owner and founder of High Status Consulting.

High Status Consulting helps entrepreneurs to improve their efficiency, meet their bottom line, and achieve sustainability. It offers services in the following areas: business consulting, personal coaching, skills training, marketing, management, and public relations.

Their main clients are startups, non-profits, family businesses, as well as companies owned by minorities and women. Many of their clients have a relationship with High Status since the beginning, and they have seen their growth through the years. 

Her motivation to start her company came from realizing the wealth gap among people of color, especially women of color. With her consulting, she hopes to educate and assist people in the areas of finance, investment, branding, and train them to boost their own companies.  

Sheka has been in the world of entrepreneurship since the age of 19, launching and scaling seven figure businesses.  Now, her past experience and her work in High Status has helped her grow as a leader and figure of perseverance and growth. She talks to us about the fundamental factors to keep going despite the challenges and setbacks, and maintain a positive attitude during the process.

About fear and self-doubt, Sheka explains that listening to her inner self is what helps best. Deeply, we always have the strength to get back up or to make the right decision even if we’re scared to do so. When we are second guessing ourselves, having limiting beliefs, procrastinating and being double minded in decision making is when we are trying to sabotage ourselves. And then, it’s time to take action and stop those doubting thoughts.

To entrepreneurs, Sheka recommends to stop worrying about what others think of you and to refrain from procrastinating. Also, she recommends not being perfectionist and to stop only wishing things and starting to get them done. Along these lines, she comments how we should stop worrying about people who don’t support us. We have to focus on and nurture the relationships of the people that do support us. She recommends hiring a coach to help you on your journey and to develop strategies to restrain self-doubting thoughts. At High Status Consulting they will definitely help you with that!

“Do not compare yourself to others. Comparison can rob your self confidence. Analyze your inner circle, make sure your inner circle has goals and follow through. Be around people that have more and that are where you want to be. This will help you see that your goals are possible.”

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