The 110% Movement is Headed to the Wonderfront Festival to Help People Become their Best Selves. Find Out More Below.

110% means giving it your all plus more. As a motto and a way of life, it can be interpreted as a resounding yes to the task at hand. However, for Chris Groves, it is more than just an agreement to do more; it is a way of life. He is the founder and creator of the 110% movement that focuses on breaking barriers and societal norms to achieve greatness.

Chris’s 110% Movement has achieved such big accolades that Chris is continuing his charge of greatness throughout the U.S. and will soon by speaking to thousands of people at the Wonderfront Festival on November 19th at 2:50pm in San Diego, California!

This festival experience is a unique experience that will take place on the EDM stage. Chris will be presenting with an incredible 120 feet wrap around stage that has 300,000 video pixels. This will be the first time this kind of technology has been used to enhance the 110% movement motivational experience. It will be an exhilarating motivational presentation that no one should miss.

Chris himself comes from the background of the business world. He and his wife run Groves Capital, a family owned business that has helped him become incredibly successful. It was also the spark that lit the flame for the 110% Movement. For Chris, his family business and helping others has always been a way for him to give back to his community. The 110% movement builds on this by showing an even larger number of people what they are capable of and empowering them to do big things. 

His first conference of the 110% Movement took place in New Orleans at the Saints Training Practice Field and was a complete success. 325 people assisted and enjoyed the program with Chris, learning about roadmaps and family inclusion in your plans.

Chris’ 110% movement motivation can be tailored to every single business or group that he is talking to because he always believes it is his prerogative to meet people where they are and help them achieve their individual greatness.

“Without a positive mind set, it’s hard to accomplish any task. If we put limits on what we can accomplish, we will limit our success. The key is to not put barriers in your own way. A lot of you are new lead operators, looking to start climbing the ladder to success. Developing and committing to action plans is going to be your key to this success,” Chris details. 

Chris’ show promises to bring out emotion, empower listeners, and teach people even more about themselves. To buy tickets, click here.