The New 3 Cs You Should Be Paying Attention to According to Brand Strategist Camila Straschnoy

Camila Straschnoy is a brand consultant, trends researcher, and founder of the consulting agency MATE HOUSE. Under Straschnoy’s direction, a talented team of researchers and creatives helps brands evolve, connect, sell, and stay relevant globally in an ever-evolving landscape. 

MATE HOUSE works with clients with tested and unique methods to identify the ingredients in their secret sauce – their unique point of view, their place in this world, and their tribe. Once established, MATE HOUSE leads them to discover the emerging expectations of their audience and the avenues and tools available to connect with them and create with them in mind. Through this process and with the strategies Straschnoy has built into the DNA of MATE HOUSE, a company that can guide brands to become who they aspire to be. 

Straschnoy is frequently invited as a speaker to conferences and companies around the world. Renowned multinational brands rely on her dynamic, future-facing presentations and creative workshops, which are designed to equip teams with the insights and strategic thinking required to answer the most compelling issues of tomorrow.

As a trends researcher, Straschnoy is always trying to understand how emerging behaviors align with basic human needs. This alignment makes new behavior, ideas, trends, innovations, and/or beliefs gain traction and grow.

In her bi-monthly newsletter, she often tackles the “Why” behind trending terms, breaking them down and giving her audience a framework for unpacking their meaning and tips for using them to innovate. 

One of the latest topics of interest for Camila Straschnoy is what they are calling the THREE Cs SERIES: Co-creation between brands and their tribes, Cultivation of new skills and communities, and Curation for the overflow of information and product offers in the world. The 3 C’s will be key drivers for brands in 2021 and beyond. 

Straschnoy explained that with social distancing during the pandemic, almost the entire world experienced the duality of the health benefits of slowing down. She said that it is not random that CO-CREATION, CULTIVATION, and CURATION have gained so much momentum at a time when the world wants to connect, create, and have fun in genuine ways.

“As a result of the pandemic, the world has shifted, priorities have changed, and how we relate, create, and build communities must be reexamined. Emerging communities of like-minded people are more digital, social, local, and rooted in shared values. These communities are paving new roads towards a level of co-creation that is more sustainable and engaging for all.” said Camila Straschnoy when asked about Co-Creation and the evolution of communities, and added, “In the context of the emerging global sentiment, the evolution of this practice is: intentionally aligned with the values of emerging collaborative communities. To do this effectively, brands will need to embrace these networks as potential co-creators of the brand’s product and voice while actively engaging with them to evolve the brand.”

After a shift in paradigm in 2020, Straschnoy believes that connection via creative and enjoyable experiences has become imperative, and a brand that supports the cultivation of skills and/or communities is more meaningful to consumers in 2021 and beyond, and will continue to be if it offers genuine value to the general public.

Because of the need to engage in meaningful experiences, consumers struggle with the overflow of offers available in the world we live in now. And that wraps up the importance of the third C: Curation. 

“One of the most scarce things these days is consumer’s attention. As a result, curation becomes one of the most valuable services you can offer in 2021 and beyond. If you are able to curate effectively for a specific consumer, offering real value, those consumers will not only pay attention but will also pay you for what you offer.” explained Straschnoy. 

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