Do You Know How To Express an Idea in Just One Minute? Carlos Laguna, the Coach and Business Strategies Can Help You Do It

Carlos Laguna is a public speaking coach, business strategist, and communications expert, who is the VP and creative founder of CPC Glocal Agency, a creative agency located in several cities in Colombia, New York, and Lima. 

Carlos has worked in the creation of brands such as Shortbooks, BrainBox, The Pitch Challenge, Red Empresarial Influir, Revista SKP, and 100% Colombiano awards. He is passionate about helping others achieve incredible results through high impact pitches that engage the audience.

“I am a true believer in the power of ideas and the power of co-creation. I have accompanied more than 10,000 people on how to tell their idea in one minute with my own methodology The Pitch Challenge. I have coached high-performance teams from companies such as Kimberly Clark Professional, H&M Latam, Hp, Sony, Nespresso Central America, and Chevrolet.” Carlos shares.

Many people and companies look to Carlos to help them improve their strategic communication skills, public presentations, or communications in digital scenarios. For this reason, he is part of different boards of directors of several companies in Colombia and Latin America.

In his professional career, Carlos has seen how an idea has the power to change things, and it has been precisely that which has served as the main impetus to start with the work that he carries out every day.

I believe that we are all one idea away from making history. Co-creation has always been part of my vision and my work allows me to achieve it, continuously stimulating me with the incredible ideas that those around me have, to finally find a path together.” Carlos expresses.

Carlos has found in public speaking a way of communication, a bridge to connect with other people and companies so that he can open new doors to different opportunities. For him public speaking is like a muscle that only grows when it is trained.

I am a faithful believer and witness that we can all improve our skills in oral communication.” He says.

Carlos has led more than 215 people on his team on different projects for more than 1,600 clients. In addition, thousands of people have been trained, helping to create more than 385 brands. 

I have earned more than 100 advertising awards, and my company has been named the best high-growth SME in Latin America three times.” Carlos adds.

When Carlos got started in 2008, his motivation was to give young people an opportunity, a voice, to make them feel that there was a medium, in this case, a magazine that cared about the same things they care about.

Despite not having sponsors or any money for the creation of this magazine, thousands of young people did believe in that idea and thus created the most read magazine in the region. 

Then that idea evolved over time and became a marketing agency with the purpose of achieving a more equal world. In this context, Carlos discovered his ability to connect with other people, and communicate and impact the lives of others.

I am one of the most-watched teachers in Crehana (e-learning platform) with more than 5 million students throughout Latin America.” He says.

Carlos has managed to stand out not only because of the energy, creativity, and enthusiasm he puts into everything he does, but also because of his own public speaking methodology called “The Pitch Challenge.”

The Pitch Challenge is made up of two parts: the first is preparation and the second is presentation. Both parts will help you structure your idea but the most powerful is the preparation.” Carlos states.

With The Pitch Challenge, Carlos has connected with people and professionals from all over Latin America, helping them reach their full potential. In the future, Carlos is focused on organizing an in-person tour throughout the Americas to teach people how to share their ideas.

Soon we will launch a virtual training in hotmart to reach more and more people who are afraid of public speaking. I am also writing my first physical book to tell the story of my husband’s stroke and how love has been the key to achieving what neurologically can be deciphered as a miracle.” Carlos shares.

Carlos has more than 20 years working in the advertising industry and most recently, he has focused on empowering entrepreneurs. Throughout his professional career he has received the Creative Young Entrepreneur Award and other 100 awards from companies in Colombia, Argentina, Spain, and the United States.

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