The TSM Trading Academy is Helping People Become Successful Traders: Learn More From the Two Professional Traders Behind It

Antonio Iskandar and Elie Farage Ojeda are Professional Traders based in the city of Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates. They are committed to changing lives by putting to use their knowledge to train successful traders.

Together, Antonio and Elie have more than 26 years of experience in the trading industry trading stocks and futures on the New York Stock Exchange. Antonio, who is Elie’s mentor and partner, started training him almost nine years ago and in July 2015, they together created the Trading Academy “TSM Trading.”

The objective of TSM Trading is to train completely from scratch people who want to be professional traders, who can learn the theory, practice and have the necessary follow-up, to develop their trading style and can enjoy the benefits and advantages that this exciting profession offers us.” They explain.

On the one hand, Antonio is a Chemical Engineer, with postgraduate degrees in petroleum engineering and specialization in finance, worked for more than 20 years in leading companies in the energy and oil sector where he had a successful career that allowed him to occupy regional and global management positions. 

That job allowed him to have an important income with a high quality of life, however, he felt that that life was not the one he wanted because his job took him away from the most important thing: sharing time with his family and seeing his children grow.

My achievements were overshadowed by the lack of time to share with my family and see my children grow up. Taking my children to school or even attending an event at their schools became a rarity due to work commitments and frequent travel. So I decided to turn my trading hobby into my profession and main source of income.” Antonio shares.

On the other hand, Elie was only 12 years old when he migrated from his native Venezuela to Spain with his mother, where he obtained a degree as a higher technician. There, he struggled to make ends meet and as a 24 years old, he held three jobs to be able to help his mother.

“I soon started to save some of my money to spend it learning about trading. Why trading? It was always my dream. The American stock market, Wall Street, all of it. I was always passionate about the world of finance and being able to earn a living from wherever I wanted, without ties and without depending on bosses, definitely caught my attention.” Elie recounts.

At that time, trading was not as popular as it is today and there were no affordable training programs. That is when he met Antonio, who started mentoring and training him until this day.

Trading is a profession that requires effort, dedication, practice and discipline to gradually grow your account and eventually live from trading. Unfortunately, many people ‘venture’ to start trading without experience because they want to make ‘quick money’ and the only thing they achieve is to lose their money. Trading requires investing the necessary time to be trained as any profession requires. Our mission in Trading in Stock Market is to train Traders, step by step, with the support, monitoring, and personalized attention necessary to accelerate your learning curve and can change your life through trading, they can be the owners of their time and achieve the financial freedom they crave.” Antonio and Elie state.

At the TSM academy, Antonio and Elie are always clear, honest and truthful with their fellow traders. They make sure to not create false expectations about the trading profession and what it entails. 

We fight head-on against those who profess that Trading is a quick source of making money without much effort. We do not create false expectations and always highlight all the effort, focus, and learning that goes into being a successful trader. Showing you the gains, the losses, and most importantly the lessons learned and how to deal with the stock market depending on the conditions you are in.” Antonio and Elie say.

In the near future, Elie and Antonio are looking forward to expanding the TSM Trading Academy and taking it to the next level, making it a worldwide reference academy for trading.

Today, the TSM Trading Academy stands out from the rest for many reasons. First, they are 100% independent and have nothing to do with pyramids, referrals or multi-level companies. Secondly, their classes and education sessions are live and students can interact with the trainers.

We want to be an academy of reference and expand our community of Traders so that any person and especially Spanish-speaking person can professionally learn Trading and achieve the change they are looking for.” They comment.

Thirdly, Antonio and Elie perform live operations in front of the participants live and provide the necessary practice and follow-up, which are key to achieving consistency in trading. And lastly, the attention they provide is fully personalized.

Not only can people interact with Antonio and me daily in the live sessions, but the student will have a whole community of traders and the TSM team that will be available at all times to answer your questions through our Discord and WhatsApp community.” Elie adds.

If you want to be a part of the exciting world of trading, learning and training with the best, click here to learn more.