Lucas Tarquino Is Transforming Lives And Businesses Through Quantum Healing

Lucas Tarquino, speaker, coach, and spoken word artist, specializes in high-impact coaching and integrates quantum healing into his coaching work. In fact, Lucas has been a trainer of healers, business advisor, and relationship coach for over a decade, which has led him to integrate all his skill sets to provide highly transformational programs. Lucas provides both group and individual coaching to evolutionary leaders who are committed to reaching their greatest potential. 

Lucas had his first awakening when he was 14 years old. He had been living as a “normal” middle class kid, until he went through an out of body experience where he felt like his heart and soul expanded. At that time, Lucas made the decision to surrender to the path that his soul wanted to travel, and spent the next decade traveling through different countries and studying with masters in multiple modalities of healing, coaching, and empowerment. This is how Lucas learned the practices of self-mastery, healing, and awakening, and has now been able to develop his own modality of healing and coaching that is effective in creating rapid quantum transformation. Hence, Lucas now serves as a Love and Soul Purpose Coach, and offers online courses that are dedicated to bringing alignment to one’s Mission and Union templates so one can prosper and thrive in love. 

“Ultimately what makes me unique is how I have blended my work of activating people’s Mission Template, with aligning people to their Union as well. This allows true lasting fulfillment:

Being on Mission and In Union = Lasting True Inner Fulfillment (one of the best feelings in the world),” Lucas explains. 

Lucas describes being on Mission as having integrity and alignment in your business and personal life while being in Union starts with the devotional template of connection with God/Source being fully restored. Hence, Lucas’ work is designed to bring the alignment of being in Mission and in Union, so that individuals can experience true lasting fulfillment and full spectrum thriving. 

Through his experiences, Lucas has realized that most people want the same things, however, do not know how to reach true fulfillment. Hence, Lucas utilizes his quantum healing toolbelt and teachings to support individuals in transforming all obstacles to reaching their full potential. In fact, when asked about his motivation to start his business, Lucas recognizes that he has a vision of what is possible for Humanity, which inspired him to develop his leadership gifts and abilities. Furthermore, Lucas shares:

“I am motivated to support leaders to align with their true purpose and attract their true divine union partner so they can fulfill their highest destiny and benefit all Humanity. Creating a more harmonious world for our children is another motivating factor. It’s important we build self-sustainable communities on sovereign land with school systems that truly empower the children being born. They are our future leaders, and they need us to show up Now.”

While the Coaching and Self-Empowerment Industry may be flooded with outdated paradigms and non-integrous individuals, Lucas differentiates himself by bringing his clients a deeply heart-based and multi dimensional approach that helps them renew their faith in themselves, Humanity, and their Higher Power. This year, Lucas will be launching the “Mission and Union Mastermind” that is designed to take people to new heights of living in radical alignment with their purpose and inner union template. 

“We will support you to get your inner genius, heart and business in alignment so you can enjoy what you do and experience true perpetual provision. On a Union level, we all have an inherent wellspring of wholeness and well-being that we always have access to. We will support you to alchemize your inner blocks to Union and activate higher levels of inner and outer union so you may attract your true match and thrive in harmony and love,” Lucas explains. 

Lucas has done extensive inner work to be able to lead a fulfilled life, and encourages you to do the same. In fact, Lucas’ advice to anyone who is starting their own business is to do the inner work to discover your inner drive, your ‘Why,’ and align to your true mission template. 

“A business should be in alignment with one’s Soul calling. Not doing what you are inherently designed to do for the people you are meant to serve, leads to an inner feeling of lack and something feeling ‘off,’ states Lucas. 

To learn more about Lucas, as well as his vision and coaching, follow him on Instagram here and check out his webpage