Shaun Rawls Wants to Teach Others to Stop Compromising on Their Needs and Wants for Those of Others. He Wrote His New Book Just for this Reason.

Today, many people are concerned about what other people think of them and how they measure up to their competition. This causes many to overwork and adapt themselves to meet the needs of others. Shaun Rawls is here to change that with his book, F-It Less: 18 F Words to Reframe and Refocus Your Life. But who is Shaun Rawls?

Shaun has been a real estate mogul and leader in the Atlanta metropolitan area for two decades. Over the past years, his perspectives on leadership have accelerated.  His early success was when he and his ex-wife launched his first franchise with Keller Williams Realty in 1999. Having started with 21 agents, one franchise turned into six and became known as “The Rawls Group” for Keller Williams. Years later, it has exceeded all expectations as The Rawls Group of Keller Williams became the number one real estate office in Atlanta, selling over $5 Billion in 2021, and with over 5,000 agents.

After years in the world of entrepreneurship and real estate, Shaun found himself noticing a trend amongst people in the business and just in general. In his view, far too many people make significant changes in their life by saying, “F it!,” which means giving up or giving in to something or someone. Thus he set off to publish his first book to share his life and to help millions of other people learn how they can reach their full potential in life and business. As an outcome, his first book, F-it-less: 18 F Words to Reframe and Refocus Your Life, was published and captured the raw and vulnerable experiences he faced, along with key info that could change anyone’s life for the better.

What differentiates Shaun’s coaching and advice from others who try to do the same is that he helps readers simplify and prioritize their desires for love, happiness, peace, joy and productivity, and shows them how to realize them, one step at a time.

“More importantly, it offers unique and powerful perspectives, thought processes and sobering truths that just might stick with you forever in your new F-it-less life.

Move from “fine” to “FANTASTIC.” Assess where you are with Feel, Fracture and Fail.  Learn the power of Floating.  Reframe the ideas of Family, Faith, Fun and Freedom, and let them guide you.  Use Fantastic, Find, Fix, Forgive and Foxhole to reach your best life faster. Say “F it!” less and start living more!” Shaun explains.

Shaun always wants to be a reliable source of information and coaching for anyone who needs advice on how to change their lives. He wants to go above and beyond just his book and continue to spread his lesson on how to say“F-it!” less and live more!

“I think it’s always been important for me to be a reliable catalyst who has helps people be their very best.  When people call upon me for help or advice, I want to be the guy who always has a helpful and productive answer. Being a successful voice that has, and continues to have, an impact on the mindset and the results of people who work this way gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction, as well as a sense of significance,” Shaun details.

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